Author Guidelines

Manuscripts should have no author identification in the cover sheets, text notes or sources and should be presented in justified alignment.  All texts should be double-spaced, 12-pitch type with reasonable margins, using MS Word format. PDFs are not acceptable. 

The Article/Paper should not be of more than 5000 words. Each paper must contain reference notes (in the form of end notes). An abstract of not more than 150 words should accompany the submission. 

All papers will be blind reviewed by a voluntary team of peer reviewers.

All articles must be original and previously unpublished. Supply complete contact information for all authors on a separate title page file: Name, affiliation, complete street address, e-mail address, fax, phone numbers. The corresponding author, who will be handling the correspondence with the editor, clearing galleys, and working with the association’s publications, should be clearly indicated.

 A reference list contains only references that are cited in the text. 

                       Its accuracy and completeness are the responsibility of the author(s).

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