Grip-The Standard Research, Issue XXII, April 2014

1.Antidotes and Panaceas to the Problems of Aged People: A Critique

Abstract I Full Paper I Author-Mr. Khairnar Bharat Ramdas ,Mr. P. R. Thote,

2.महाराष्ट्रातील ग्रामसभा सक्षमीकरणातील समस्या आणि उपाय

Abstract I Full Paper I Author- Sandeep Rawal.ीय दर्शन सम्प्रदाय में ईश्वर विचार 

Abstract I Full Paper I Author- AshutoshKumar, Chitra bhardwaj, Ritu Mishra

4.Impact of Coalition Politics On Parliamentary Institutions:-The Indian Experience

Abstract  I Full Paper I Author- Dr. Phad S. B.

5. स्त्रीवादी साहित्य समीक्षा आणि दलित कादंबरी

Abstract I Full Paper I Author- Prof. Pravin Chandanshive

6.Ecological: Aspects of the Twentieth Century: Canada and India
Abstract | Full Paper | Author – Manoj Sinha


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