Call for Papers

Grip-The Standard Research Journal, Research Reformer, Sanskruti Darpan, Research Way are Monthly International Referred Multidisciplinary Online Research journals and  Vedic Research is an International Referred Online Research Journal of Indology. 

                                    The Editorial Board of Grip-The Standard Research, Research Reformer, Vedic Research, Research Way and Sanskruti Darpan invites academicians, professionals, research scholars and Graduate-Post Graduates students to submit research papers and articles for review and possible publication. All articles should be original and of exquisite quality. Submissions should be made through ‘submit articles’ section of the website.

            Grip-The Standard Research (Multidisciplinary ), Research Reformer (Multidisciplinary ), Vedic Research(Indology), Research Way(Multidisciplinary ) and Sanskruti Darpan (Multidisciplinary) Online Research journals Editorial Board will make quick decision on each manuscript and inform the corresponding author within 14 days of submission.  If accepted the article will be published online in the next issue.

            Grip-The Standard Research, Research Reformer, Vedic Research, Research Way and Sanskruti Darpan Online Research journals are an open access journals and all articles published are available online.

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