Sanskruti Darpan, Issue 53, Dec. 2016

1.कल्पशास्त्र का विवेचनात्मक अध्ययन 

Abstract | Full Paper | Author-Sachin Kumar

2.पालिव्याकरणस्य लिकासक्रमः

Abstract | Full Paper | Author-Anand Kumar

3.Medicinal Importance of Aśvattha (Ficus religiosa Linn.) Vṛkṣa (Plant) as depicted in Sanskrit Texts

Abstract | Full Paper | Author-Dr. Dhananjay Vasudeo Dwivedi

4.Gender and Rishi Sufi Order: A study of the Rishis’ Perception of Womanhood and Spirituality in Kashmir- 14th to 17th Century.

Abstract | Full Paper | Author-Amir Sushil

5.Topic- The Appealing Crux of Garibdas’s Life, Work and the Essence of ‘Language’

Abstract | Full Paper | Author-Vikas Malik